Wednesday, April 18, 2012

God Wants It More Than You

We struggle with changing & improving ourselves and often feel as if we are fighting an uphill battle. It should give us strength & confidence to know that God wants that transformation to occur more than we do. It is the fulfillment of our destiny to use our gifts & talents to honor Him. 

Having watched numerous graduations over the years of teaching high school & working in youth ministry, I think of how excited families were to celebrate their child's graduation. There were tears of joy & the passage of a child into adulthood. These emotions were all fundamentally centered around the completion of a phase of life and the fulfillment of potential. 

I imagine that God shares the same joy as we grow spiritually. Even though He knows it is coming, He has a deep joy for our maturation as He knows how it will impact us holistically. I would imagine there is a deep sense of pride as He gathers heaven around to brag on His children here on earth. He is our loving Father-why wouldn't He push us to be the very best we can be and then celebrate when we start to reach that goal?

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