Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weak Sauce

I am convinced that my prayer is too weak. Don't misinterpret that first statement. I believe in the power of prayer and understand that God is able to do things through our prayers that is far beyond our own ability to complete. I know that I have an audience with the Creator any time that I desire to speak. I know that He hears my heart and is able to interpret my groanings, murmurings, and incoherent/incomplete thoughts into what they are intended to be. What I have been convicted of lately is that I don't pray as often or as boldly as I should.

If I know that I have a a direct line (as all people do) to the most powerful being in all history, shouldn't I spend more time communicating with Him? Shouldn't I find myself begging Him to change the plight of people around me? Why wouldn't I seek His grand & magnanimous vision for my family and His Church? Is it only my spiritual laziness that prevents me from being in constant prayer? I believe it may be a combination of that principle and my frustration with the timing of God's answers. 

In his book, The Circle Maker, Mark Batterson writes, "Every prayer is a time capsule. You never know when or where or how God is going to answer it, but He will answer it. There is no expiration date, and there are no exceptions. God answers prayer. Period. We don't always see it or understand it, but God always answers."

That truth should not only give me comfort for the answered prayers that have not been revealed yet, but should also challenge me to increase the fervency and frequency of my petitions. The only way for my prayer life to increase in strength is to exercise it.

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