Saturday, April 21, 2012

Moving On

I think it's important to stop and recognize the path of progress. It is an opportunity for positive reflection and celebration of how much things have changed. There is a place for this in our personal lives and even in the church. God even gave instructions on how to worship Him in homage to the great work that has been done in & through us. 

What I haven't read in Scripture is a mandate to stay in celebratory/reflective mode without moving forward. While God had His people build altars as a reminder of where they had come from, He never told them to stay there. We are called to give God the credit for what has been done and then to continue to press on towards our ultimate goal of becoming more like Christ. 

It was Babe Ruth who said, "Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games." That doesn't negate the power of the victory or decrease the significance of the lessons that were learned. It does remind us of the importance of continuing to improve daily even as we recognize how the growth of yesterday has strengthened the foundation we are building on.

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