Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Need for Speed

"We've become quickaholics, dependent on getting what we want when we want it." 
Empty Promises, Pete Wilson

We often take too many shortcuts in our life choices. Sometimes this is because we aren't willing to do the hard work of following through on dreams & visions and waiting for the natural progression of reward. We lose focus on what is important and try to find ways to get our desired results without having to put in the sweat equity to earn it. Often we become impatient because we don't trust God's timing.

I can think of a few specific examples:
  • acquiring credit card debt because we don't want to wait for purchases by saving
  • crossing physical boundaries before the intended intimacy of marriage
  • cheating to get ahead in school instead of investing in the discipline of preparation
  • taking shortcuts in work to advance instead of developing a consistent work ethic
  • taking unnecessary risks financially and emotionally instead of waiting for God's answer to our prayers
Spiritually speaking, we want it now even though we aren't ready for what we are asking God to give us. He is still doing work in us that is necessary before the next step can be revealed. We short-circuit the blessing when we try to jump ahead of the process.

There is a sweetness in the daily obedience of seeking what God is doing in us. When the blessing is finally revealed, we can see the progressive process that brought us to that point. The rewards of doing things the right way and in the right timing (with God's blessing) will be more fulfilling than trying to create an unnatural/unhealthy shortcut.

A slow-cooker style of discipline is difficult to learn when we live in a microwave culture.

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