Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Band of 20

I could not have arranged to put together a more cohesive mission team this last week. God orchestrated (as He does every year) the exact grouping of people that He needed to accomplish His objectives. Not only we were set up to knock out tasks, invest in the full-time missionaries in Arizona, and love on Native American peoples, but it was the perfect group of people to care for each other. 

We experienced laughter, tears, genuine concern, spiritual stretching, hard labor, and exhaustion together. There was a rhythm to life in those seven days that thumped sweetly in our spirits. While we won't regain that exact communion again, I am grateful for each member of our mission family and the insight into authentic, Christian unity that God provided me through each one of them.


  1. Only God could have orchestrated the union of such an amazing team! What a blessing it was to have you all here! Your hard work on campus will be bearing fruit for quite some time. Thank you!

    Trampas and Laura
    American Indian Christian Mission
    Little Girls' Houseparents

    1. I think the whole team would pack up & come back today if we could find a way to do it. It was a blessed trip in many ways that are still unfolding for all of us. We are continuing to pray for all of you as full-time, front-line missionaries! Thanks for all that you do each day!