Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My wife is sorting through stacks of our old pictures as we prepare to scan them and stop storing years of printed memories. I have enjoyed looking back through some of them and seeing how different our family is now. Looking at pictures of our children and remembering those simple times of wide-eyed innocence is enjoyable. Seeing the youthful look on my own face in those pictures is certainly different than what I see in the mirror each day. My wife (who is gorgeous & kind to me) did tell me that her thought after looking at so many snapshots is that she thought I had aged well. While I could stretch that to be a backhanded compliment, I know she meant it entirely as a positive statement.

The bigger question that I ask myself is not focused on my physical appearance, but whether I have changed positively in my character and personality from those early days. I could probably identify several areas in which I have seen growth and my marriage, my parenting, and my confidence in Christ are improved as a result. If you read my blog regularly, you also know that I certainly do not believe that I am a finished product or have "figured it out" either. I do think it's okay to reflect on the change that God has led you through and how far you have come in your faith. It's a good reminder of the  work that God has already done and the promise that He won't leave you the same as today either.

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