Friday, February 10, 2012

Much More

Today was a reminder once again of how greatly I am blessed. I spent the afternoon with some much needed daddy & daughters time while my wife enjoyed some quiet hours at home alone. My girls & I laughed and told stories over lunch at Chili's and then read and laughed more over Starbucks. Even the tedious task of grocery shopping was made better having my three beauties along with me. I place great value on all three of them and how uniquely beautiful, intelligent, and hilarious they are.

As much as I reveled in the afternoon with my lovelies, I was eager to get back home to my wife. We have always been close, but God is working in both of us and drawing us closer in the process. She is the sexiest woman I know, but she impresses me even more with her intellect and her increasing devotion to God. She is open to the leading of the Holy Spirit and is the best companion I could imagine traveling through life with. As cheesy as it sounds, she makes me complete in every way.

My four ladies are powerful daily reminders of being blessed beyond what I deserve. I don't ever take it for granted.

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