Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Title

The voice of satan whispers in our ears and reminds us of our past sins. They are lies that attempt to negate the power of forgiveness that has been given to us. If we allow that to dominate our thoughts it can spiritually paralyze us and cause disruption in our mission as Christ-followers. It is a constant in counseling and unfortunately a battle that I face as well.

Even while I torment myself over past sins & the reminders that satan throws in my face, God continues to use me. I need to firmly grasp onto the forgiveness that I have already received and stop doubting. Even if I feel low & disqualified because of sin, the truth is that God has redeemed me.

I cannot surprise God-He knew how I would fall and how much I would need Him. In spite of that, He has positioned me in ministry and put a fire in my heart to serve Him & His Kingdom. He would not have done so if I was no longer able to fulfill His purpose in me.

We all need these reminders of His grace for us. We cannot talk about it or experience it enough and as we share forgiveness and redemption in our own lives, we will see others start to believe in the gift that God offers.
While satan wants us to view ourselves through the lenses of sin and mistakes, God looks at the whole picture of our lives and re-titles it "Grace."

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