Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Against God

Recognizing that you have sinned is not comfortable. There is a realization that you have done something (or not done something) that is clearly outside of God's plan for you. The results of our sin can also damage other people around us-family, friends, co-workers, and people in our church. The regret that we feel is often a result of the fallout of those transgressions in our lives. We don't want other people to think badly of us and become focused on seeking forgiveness from those we have wounded. We repeatedly plead with people for their forgiveness, but spend cursory moments asking God to wipe away these blemishes.

True repentance & forgiveness can only begin when we understand that our greatest sin is not against the people in our lives, but against God. While this does not diminish the outcomes in this physical world it does help us gain perspective on our relationship with our King. Any sin in our lives separates us from Him and must be recognized for what it is-a rebellion against the leadership of the Holy Spirit in us. When we genuinely confess our sin to God and become overwhelmed at how we have worked against Him, we begin a transformation process in our hearts. This will lead us into a deeper walk with God that will change us more into His likeness and allow us to eventually overcome the hurt we have caused to those we care about.

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