Thursday, January 26, 2012

Actively Disengaged

God is relentlessly working to draw people to Him through any means necessary. If someone claims that they can't find God, they just aren't looking or responding. He does not decrease, fall asleep, lose power, become ineffective, or cease to be ever-present. The potential for power in worship, teaching, and serving is always simmering and ready to be released as soon as people accept what God is offering.

Flowing with the current of life and ignoring what God is doing is not a passive act. It takes an active, intentional (and perhaps subconscious) effort from us to miss it. I have seen far too many people start to move closer to God and then decide to step away from the potential of a Christ-like life. My heart is broken for the crowds of children, youth and adults that have made the active choice of removing themselves from the direct influence of God in their lives. I posit that it takes just as much effort to ignore God as it does to choose to experience His hope.

We are all faced with the daily choice to intentionally seek God and His Kingdom or to actively disengage and follow our own path that can only lead to dissatisfaction, damage, and ultimately death.

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