Saturday, January 14, 2012

But God

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Genesis 50:20 and it contains two powerful words that I find myself meditating on quite often. Joseph has survived the plan of his brothers to bring him harm and has saved his family through his position in Egypt. When his brothers become afraid of what Joseph might now do to them they approach him and try to make sure they will be safe. Joseph's response is one built on an understanding of who God is and how He works through all circumstances. He simply tells them that they intended to do him harm, but God (emphasis mine) intended it for good.

There is power in recognizing that God has greater plans than our current circumstances. I find comfort in knowing that God can work beyond my own shortcomings and sin to bring His plan to completion. I can gain strength in the knowledge that nothing that is done to me through the choices of others can supersede the divine plans of the King. There is peace for my own anxious soul when I dwell on the words "but God" and know that if I obediently trust Him my path will be made straight.

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