Monday, January 2, 2012

Magic Telescope

As silly as it sounds, (and since I have daughters with incredible imaginations and goofiness galore I feel that I am an expert on silly) I often find myself wishing that I had a device that would let me look into the future and then take me to it even quicker. I wish that I had something that would allow me to see how the decisions that I make today will affect my family in the near and distant future. I would love to be able to see how difficult things are going to work out (or not work out) to relieve anxiety. Who wouldn't love to have the ability to see the exact results of what they are doing now or where they will be in five years and be able to jump right to those improvements?

Instead I am faced with the daily choice of trusting God and putting my faith in His providence. I am learning to be content with knowing that if I desire to change my position and my character that I must make a choice to be that person. Nothing will be handed to me without my contributing effort and faithful perseverance. I must envision the man that I want to be at the end of this year and then choose each day to be that man. If I want to be a more faithful follower of Christ then I will pray, read, and serve like a more faithful follower. If my desire is to be a better husband and father then I will start today to speak the words, meditate on the thoughts, and form the habits of that man. When I feel that God is leading me to be a stronger and more positive leader, I will begin to act today as if that is already the true nature of who I am.

In actuality, my confidence in God's vision for my life and my disciplined obedience in seeing it fulfilled is a magic telescope of its own. It won't bring any shortcuts to my future, but in choosing to actively follow Christ each day I can be confident that I will arrive at the destination that God has set out before me.

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