Monday, January 23, 2012

Eyes Wide Open

I pray for many things, but three words seem to frequently find their way onto my prayer list: wisdom, vision, and clarity. I know that I never have enough of them and that God is the ultimate, pure source of all three. It's a desire on my part to gain the most blessing & direction in my personal life as well as in ministry. It is a reflection of the urgency I feel in my life as I don't want to miss any opportunities that God provides.

These can be as simple as a divine appointment at Starbucks that I drift past without noticing, an opportunity to reach out to our community that needs to be seized, a moment that should be spent in prayer, a desire to know the future for my family, or simply spending precious dwindling minutes with my daughters. God presents these openings for us to step into His will on a regular basis. Whether we seize them, waltz by unknowingly, or blatantly disregard them is a reflection of our attention to God and the wisdom, clarity, and vision He provides. When we stumble in these areas it is not God that knocks us down, but it is a result of the self-centered focus we have shifted to instead.

The solution is to consistently and faithfully ask God and keep our vision securely focused on Him as we await the answers.

If I keep my eyes on God, I won't trip over my own feet.  Psalm 25:15 (The Message)

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