Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I've always found it interesting when the Olympics roll around and several American professional athletes end up playing on another nation's teams. With some athletes I am sure they realize they would not make our national teams so they find ways to gain dual citizenship and play for another nation's glory. Others choose to leverage their family's heritage so that they have an opportunity to take part in the Olympics when that would not be an option otherwise.

Choosing to follow Christ means that we are aliens & foreigners in this world and that even though we live here now, it is not the banner we are called to live under. We create tension and dissatisfaction in our lives when we act as if we want dual citizenship-to gain the blessings from God that He promises His people, and yet experience  all the things this world has to offer. It is the habitual and sinful pattern of the lukewarm Christian to use whichever nationality brings the greatest advantage in that particular moment.

God's plan for growth and maturity doesn't include us changing our loyalties based on our current circumstances. A true Christian patriot will declare unwavering allegiance to God's Kingdom and demonstrate that commitment in the daily choices they make.

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