Sunday, February 19, 2012

That's Weird-Part 2

As a follow up on the blog about being weird by society's standards, here are a few thoughts on what that might look like for us.
  • Being part of a church by serving, giving & actively worshiping-not just attending.
  • Reordering our finances so that they serve God & not us.
  • Saying no to career opportunities because our family matters more to us.
  • Trusting God with our children's futures more than we trust ourselves.
  • Giving up vacation time during the year to go on mission trips instead.
  • Choosing not to take part in conversations that lead us away from God's perfection.
  • Honoring the covenant of marriage by working on your relationship with your spouse even when it's difficult.
  • Choosing to love the people who hurt you because you know what it means to receive grace.
  • Viewing those the world calls useless & trash as sons & daughters of the King that are in desperate need of freedom.
  • Turning your life path over to God & trusting that His plan is better no matter what those closest to you will say.
  • Being confident of our position in Christ and His direction for us no matter how ridiculous our devotion might appear from the outside.


  1. Over here certainly you can add, getting married in your early to mid twenties rather than dating as many people as you can for as long as you can. We have 3 early to mid 20's couples at church preparing for marriage right now. One just announced their engagement yesterday!

  2. Absolutely! After reading your comment I wanted to add "Choosing to go through premarital counseling to start your marriage with God instead of just figuring it out as you go."