Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Behind You

Our present circumstances are a result of our past decisions. There is no way to plausibly deny the influence of our history on our relationships, spiritual state, finances, career, and emotional health. The impact of the past can range from a golden childhood & journey into adulthood to something worthy of a bad TNT movie or after school special. The non-negotiable factor is that we are here today as a result of the combination of choices made by us and those that we come into contact with.

Far too many people stop at this point and quit. They look at their life situation and give up instead of surrendering to a God that can redeem that past. Even followers of Christ can be defeated by thoughts of past sin and wrong choices. This isn't the truth that God wants us to live by and He tells us that while our history has helped to shape & form us it doesn't have to define us. When we choose to commit our lives to Him, He lovingly stands in the gap of our sinful past. He takes our repentance and boldly shines a light on the pathway of restoration & redemption. The cross shouts out in affirmation of His forgiveness, "Behold! I have made all things new!"

Be grateful for the lessons we have learned from the past, but let yourself be defined by the newness of life offered by Christ. The old life no longer holds power over you. Your Father above has released you from it forever and we are no longer sinful, broken creatures, but healed sons and daughters of the King.

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