Thursday, March 1, 2012

Visual Thinker

I have a huge 4x8 whiteboard in my office that I use as creative planning space. It is a place for me to write out plans for upcoming events, map out sermons, keep track of deadlines, and sketch out thoughts. It fits the part of me that is attached to lists and my need to visualize what I am processing. I feel my creative juices flowing when I stare at a freshly cleaned board with a plan in my head to fill the white space in front of me. I do some of my best thinking standing in front of the whiteboard with a dry erase marker. It is a recognition on my part that I need to visualize things to make them a reality and to see what the possibilities might be.

I don't have a deep spiritual application for this need to write things (although I'm sure I could come up with one.) I have simply recognized what works for me as an expression of thought and how it fits naturally with who I am. If people would take the time to determine what that is for them (i.e. conversations over coffee, journalling, contemplative thought, artistic expression, etc.) I think they would find themselves more fulfilled and able to move in the directions that God is urging them follow.

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