Monday, March 12, 2012

Inherent Value

Far too often we follow the path of least resistance in our perceptions of others. Instead of a careful and compassionate evaluation, we tend to see the value in people in our first shallow thought. We create a stereotype in our minds based on how they are dressed, how uncomfortable they might make us feel, what our families ingrained in us, how we feel about ourselves, and the way that they act. In the midst of this we are missing the value they (and we) have as sons & daughters of the King.

Even if people are lost and wandering or uncomfortably different from us, it does not change God's valuation of them. They are God's workmanship created in love by Him to do great works here on earth. If we can gain a small understanding of this for ourselves it will ultimately change the way that we engage the people around us. There is tremendous promise of hope for a community that sees the value placed by God in each person.

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