Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hate & Cling

Do we cling to what is good & yet hate evil? I think we tend to dislike evil, but that is usually proportionate to how it impacts us individually. We believe that abuse is wrong, but if you have lived through it you have a greater  intensity of dislike for it. Seeing widows & orphans needs being neglected may disturb us, but when you have lived as one of them there is a greater loathing for ignoring this need. If you have battled through addiction your animosity for that abuse is greater than if you only have a spectator's viewpoint of its power.

Declaring all-out war on sin should not just be a reflection of our personal experience. What should be happening is that as we mature our hatred of what is evil increases because our mind & heart are being more like Christ's each day. Our animosity towards sin is authentic because we understand the depth of hurt & pain it causes God and us. It moves from being a philosophical concept to a principle of daily living that reflects our ever-increasing desire to be made holy. Our understanding of God's desire to protect us from it will spur us to run from evil & hate the effect it has on those that willingly or even unsuspectingly take part in it. This will lead us to pray and work feverishly to see people (including ourselves) rescued from the choke-hold that evil holds on us. 

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