Monday, March 5, 2012

A Matter of Trust

I believe that people are mostly grateful for what God has given to us & how He always provides. We may not continuously honor Him for it, but would stop and give credit to God when we think about it. At the same time we find ourselves asking God for more blessings in our life-an increase in finances, new job opportunities, career advancement, leadership positions, and others.When we don't receive the blessing we have asked for or if it doesn't come in the time frame we expect, we end up getting frustrated. We feel that we have the right to specify the form it arrives in and when we can expect it on our doorstep.

Why would God withhold what we are asking for? Are we are praying for something we don't really need? If so there has to be a shift in our priorities so they more closely align with God's desire for us. If it's not an issue of our priorities, it might be that God can't trust us with the blessing we are asking for. If He was to give us what we were seeking would we be wise stewards of increased resources, greater responsibilities, an enlarged territory, or leadership influence? 

Instead of lamenting the apparent lack of answered prayer, perhaps the mature step is to closely examine our own spiritual health, seek a renewal of our spirit, and practice humility. In this process we will prepare ourselves for God's future blessing no matter how and when He delivers it.

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