Thursday, March 15, 2012

Break My Heart

I took part in a free webinar today that shared insight from pastors around the country about how to be better preachers. I took away a lot of good information and encouragement, but was deeply impacted by one pastor in particular. Dr. Charles Stanley spoke about how he prepares for a message and the way that God has worked through that process over the years. He is an incredible author, speaker, and pastor and has impacted countless lives through his obedience to God's calling. 

He was asked if he still got nervous before preaching-especially in light of the years that he has been doing this. At this point he broke down emotionally and had to take a minute to compose himself. He said that he is still nervous when he realizes the magnitude of the calling on him to share God's Word. He has been faithfully serving for over 50 years and still has his heart broken for the people that need to hear God's truth. He understand his responsibility as a vessel for God and knows that what he is doing has eternal impact. Dr. Stanley possesses an urgency for sharing the message and knows that he can't take that calling lightly. 

This isn't about over-glorifying the role of a preacher, but is more about understanding the unique position that God has placed us in to have an impact. We must allow our hearts to be burdened for broken people and commit ourselves 100% to the task of communicating truth. When we do this we experience a union between us & the Holy Spirit that allows truth to be spoken for the purpose of transformation.

I take that responsibility very seriously. I pray that I would never take for granted the opportunity to speak the Word of God with passion, integrity, and commitment. 


  1. Good stuff. I am thankful that u r an obedient servant. I don't look at u and mike for inspiration. I let Jesus be that mark, but u are great encouragers by simply living an obedient life.

  2. Thanks for your continual encouragement my friend!

  3. I have always enjoyed hearing Dr. Charles Stanley speak God word with such passion, conviction, and Love. You are an inspiration to faithfulness and integrity. I look forward to hearing you and Mike speak God's word and Partnering with NCC. As I proceed through the biblical studies, I pray for growth in the area of a heart burdened for broken people..