Friday, March 16, 2012

Guilty Pleasure

I have to admit that I like to watch YouTube videos of people auditioning for shows like American Idol, X-Factor & America's Got Talent. I might be different from some in that I don't enjoy watching people fail on these shows. Instead I gain great pleasure in hearing incredible voices that come out of obscurity. 

While part of it is attributed to my love for all styles of music, I think the greatest joy is from seeing people use what God has given them. For some of these talents they are obviously gifted to a greater level than they thought was possible. Especially in the early stages of auditioning, their genuine amazement at the positive crowd & judge reactions they receive is one of my favorite things to watch.

On a grander scale it's a realization that God has placed within all of us incredible and unique gifts. When we uncover them and are able to use them the way our Creator intends, we are right in the middle of our gifting. This becomes a true act of worship as we share what God has given us. There is a sweet, harmonious unity in recognizing the gifts in others and having the opportunity to share our own.

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