Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Start & Stop

If your resume described you as someone who starts and stops things, it wouldn't necessarily be seen as a positive character trait. The perception would be of someone who isn't capable of seeing a project to completion or who lacks focus. When channeled properly, however, I believe it would be a valuable asset to say you are an expert at starting and stopping.

There are two key components to making this a positive attribute:

1. Recognizing you can't effectively start something unless you stop something else
2. Developing enough self-awareness to see what must be stopped for you to grow

What do you need to start and stop in your life? Your capacity is limited by the finite number of connectors you possess for relationships, mental energy, productivity, leadership, and serving. To mature we need to have the courage to stop something that might be good so that you can start what is best.

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