Friday, May 23, 2014

A Movement

Things have to change. We continue to talk about the same problems without seeing the desired results and yet don't adjust our strategies. We recognize that there is a gap that is desperate to be filled and now we need to attack with an intentional intensity to find lasting success. It's not just about providing information, but it's instead about motivating people to see that there is another way of life. 

We don't have to be trapped in old cycles of behavior and thinking, but we can be transformed in a way that impacts our community. This involves the principles of social justice, education, and compassion and yet supersedes them at the same time. It's fueled by the indomitable will of people who won't stand for anything less, but persevere through resistance and commit to investing in the people around them. 

It's a movement marked by our desire to enter into the neighborhoods around us and fight for people who have either forgotten or never learned how to fight for themselves. It's a movement marked by genuine life transformation that doesn't come easily, but is much sweeter and longer lasting because it has taken tremendous effort. It resuscitates communities, obliterates prejudices of all kinds, and unites people in a common bond of brotherhood. It's the movement that God has been calling all of His children to take part in-the one that He designed us to lead. He promises to give us the strength, guidance, and resources to make it come alive. Will we take the initiative to make it a reality?

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