Monday, May 6, 2013


The change of seasons is not always predictable regardless of what the calendar might say. Our current weather is proof of that as the months flip towards summer, but our temperatures stay in
February/March. It makes it difficult to predict what each week will hold and dressing appropriately for the day becomes a task in preparing for wide fluctuations in conditions. You simply do the best you can to prepare and know that eventually conditions will change. Our rants about the weather won't bring the change about any faster so we simply enjoy what we have while it's here and look to the future for what's next.

I think that accurately describes some people that I talk to as well. They aren't thrilled with their current conditions and keep hoping that things are going to change for the better. Complaining about what's going on won't miraculously improve them. The mature (and often difficult) thing to do is to find some joy in the middle of tough times and cast an eye to the future. When we're honestly seeking God's will we can be sure that seasons will eventually change. My counsel is always to learn what you can in this one because a new one will be here more quickly than we realize.

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