Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mindfully Patient

Saul was the first king of Israel and while he was anointed by the prophet Samuel (through God's direction) he didn't live up the billing of being a godly leader. One particular incident hastened the removal of God's blessing from his leadership. Saul was ready to lead his army into battle against their enemy and knew that he needed to wait for Samuel to arrive to administer the blessing and perform the sacrifice. Apparently Samuel (and God) weren't moving on Saul's timetable so he jumped ahead and did the duties of a priest even though he wasn't qualified to do so. It led to the undermining of Saul's authority as God took His protection and blessing away from Saul and eventually placed it on David as the next king. Saul's refusal to wait for God's timing led to his downfall.

There will be times when we may grow impatient with what we perceive is a slow pace of development and deliverance. Creating a shortcut in our learning process or cutting out methodical and necessary steps won't necessarily deliver the results we have been waiting for however. When we are humble & patient enough to notice we will see how essential each part of the process is to our overall success. God won't necessarily stop us when we try to shortcut the process, but there will be consequences for moving off of His timeline. 

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