Friday, December 28, 2012

Speak Up

Tim Tebow (outspoken Christian and NFL quarterback) has had a down year by anyone's standards. He was traded away from a playoff team in the off-season and hasn't had the opportunity to succeed with his new squad. He has been quiet most of the year even though things haven't gone well overall. In the past two weeks however, it has been reported that he is increasingly unhappy with his role (or lack thereof) and is looking for other opportunities. One of the stories circulating is that he requested to be removed from the game plan for that week and subsequently did not play. Although he has generally let most stories pass by he did end up sitting down for an interview to address this issue. His rationale was simple: he can handle any amount of critiquing about his playing abilities, but stands firm when his character is called into question.

When you are in a position of leadership you will always have to face criticism. A good leader will have to determine what is worthy of a response and how to respond appropriately. The strength & character of a leader will be clearly revealed by their response in the face of genuine criticism. 

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