Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Leadership Lessons From The Hobbit

I have been thinking about the movie The Hobbit since our family saw it last night. Not only was it an excellent film, but there are some powerful leadership lessons to be learned from Tolkien's work.
  • Don't judge someones ability solely on their external appearance. There is often more heart in them than we can see.
  • We might play it safe, but within us beats a heart that longs for adventure and risk. God created us to look beyond our day-to-day and be involved in the Great Wonder of the world around us.
  • No matter how you prepare for the journey ahead you won't be completely prepared for what you will face. Dangers will be greater than expected and things never unfold exactly as you anticipated.
  • We have stronger resolve and courage than we give ourselves credit for. We won't know the depth of it unless we leave the safety of our homes.
  • There are always people who are worse off than we are. When we recognize this, we will have the opportunity to do something about it and make a decision to help or not.
  • When confronted with danger (and we will be at some point) we can choose to run and hide or stay and engage in the battle. Both decisions reveal our true character, but only one path will strengthen it.
  • We will be pleasantly surprised by the help and encouragement we will find along the path of this life. It will come from unlikely sources and at the most opportune times if we look for it.
  • Be willing to admit when you are wrong. It's an extremely admirable quality in a leader and is a foundation of humility.

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