Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Different Measures

The past two days have held a lot of activity and prayer, but not much in the way of directly measurable productivity. I've been fortunate, however, as God continues to show me how He works in all circumstances. On two different occasions in completely different locations I have been approached by people who knew me from Northridge. One of them wanted to talk about making a decision for Christ and the other was trying to get his adult son connected to the church. I wasn't advertising who I was or what I was doing, but they both took the initiative to come up to me and start a conversation.

It's another reminder to me of how God is actively working in & through us. He is constantly providing opportunities for us to positively impact the people in our community. There is a continual flow of the Spirit that draws people to Him and when we are open to it we will be surprised how many people are ready to hear truth. It's further validation that God doesn't measure productivity by the number of things accomplished, but by our level of eager obedience.

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