Friday, December 14, 2012

Do All the Things

The book of Joshua tells the story of Israel's victory in Canaan and the work of Joshua. There are great tales of battles, conquering foes, and following God's will. Also in the book are chapters devoted to Joshua assigning land to the tribes to ensure their futures. Acting as a realtor for the Israelites isn't the most thrilling of bedtime stories--fighting battles for God is certainly more engaging and exciting. This doesn't negate the importance of doing all that God asks, however, even when it doesn't thrill the soul.

It's an important lesson for leaders to understand that fulfilling all the tasks God has assigned to us reflects our obedience regardless of the excitement level. As fully devoted and developing followers, we should exhibit a willingness to do what He is calling us to do in that moment. The best leaders work equally as hard and are patient through whatever the position requires at that time. Fathers lead their families best when they are consistent through the normal and the abnormal. Husbands show love to their wives in the ordinary and not just the extraordinary. Men are spiritual leaders through the day-to-day devotion to the King as well as the time of great trial and risk. 

Joshua's consistent example revealed his passionate desire to do whatever God's will called for. Our obedience n the mundane and the fascinating reveals our own character and develops us into godly leaders worth following.

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