Monday, December 3, 2012

Settling In

In Genesis 11, Terah the father of Abram (later Abraham) took his family and started on a journey. In verse 31 of chapter 11 it says, "Terah took (his family) and together they set go to Canaan. But when they came to Haran, they settled there." In the next chapter Abraham is called by God to finish the journey and head into the Promised Land where his descendants will live. God's plan was for his people to end up in Canaan and even though Abraham was going in that direction at first, his family stopped short of their goal.

What are we settling for in our families? Are we content with only fulfilling a portion of God's vision for our marriages & children? We attend church fairly regularly & think that is good enough so we don't continue to make the investment in true growth. We are content with showing genuine, unconditional love to our families a few times a year (birthdays, anniversary, Christmas) and falsely believe that will cover us for the year. We get excited about a vision for great potential in our family, but are too afraid to make the lifestyle changes that obedience requires. We give just enough to appease our guilt, but not enough to truly trust God with our finances and see remarkable breakthroughs in blessing.

If we want to be passionately true to our faith in Christ we need to have the courage to refuse to settle for anything less than God's complete promises regardless of the personal cost and level of devotion required to see it fulfilled.

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