Saturday, December 15, 2012

Side by Side

I am meeting once a month with five guys as we share life together and work to sharpen each other into better leaders. We read through a book and talk about how to put principles into practice to improve our marriages, parent our children with purpose, and develop into godly leaders in our work & the church.

Our schedules have been pretty packed this month so we were running behind when we met this morning. The morning didn't exactly flow as planned as we arrived at the church to discover a major water leak. We spent 30 minutes trying to shut off the valve and then another 30 minutes contacting someone to fix it. We never did get around to discussing the book (and rescheduled to meet next week to do so) but were able to share how life has been going for each of us lately. One of our guys spoke the truth we all were thinking--it was just good to have our group together to encourage each other even if we didn't hit our intended purpose.

It's further validation for me that life isn't meant to be lived alone. There is something uniquely powerful about men sharing life together and pushing each other to succeed as godly leaders. I'm grateful for the guys God has placed in my life and the opportunities we have to help each other on this journey.

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