Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's a Trap

I was sitting on the dock this morning for my coffee & prayer time and noticed a spider web that was filled with flying insects. While I sat there I saw several bugs fly into the same web that had already captured so many of their friends. It was if the multitude of doomed bugs wasn't alarming enough to keep them away. It was an interesting lesson in ignoring warning signs and the example of others.
How often do we willingly do the same thing? We ignore our history and previous, painful experiences and continue to make destructive decisions. We regret the things that we say, think, and do and yet don't do anything to correct the behaviors that led us there. The examples of marital infidelity, financial struggles, ruined reputations, and unsatisfactory lives around us fail to keep us from making ridiculously poor decisions. 

We are certainly more intelligent than the flying insects that keep getting trapped in the spider's web. Our higher cognitive abilities don't necessarily prevent us from the sinful patterns that not only trap us, but will certainly destroy us. To prevent the same painful results we must change direction and learn from our own past and the example of those around us. 

Repentance is the beginning of restoration and learning. 

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