Monday, July 23, 2012

I See It

I have had vision problems most of my life. I remember when I got glasses for the first time and how everything suddenly became more clear. I saw things that I didn't even realize existed. Until I put the glasses on I didn't know what I was missing, but just believed that what I was experiencing was full reality. 

The same principle applies to us spiritually. We become convinced that the imperfect images we see and incomplete things we experience are the real life God intends for us. We settle for less than God's   reality by accepting a flawed perception of reality. 

The power of the Holy Spirit changes that vision if we are willing to submit to Him. He will lift the veil that we have built over our eyes and allow us to see how the potential of real life the way God intends it. The possibility of correcting our vision is a choice that is left up to us. We can either resolve to accept the clear vision of God or resign ourselves to seeing nothing clearly.

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