Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Over

The first community outreach camp between Vaughn Chapel & Northridge has finished. We fed the families tonight and had a closing program to encourage them and hand out school supplies. There is no doubt that we were able to have a positive impact, even in the short week that we shared together. We saw the fruit of our labors in the retention of the campers and the enthusiasm they brought back home with them. I can't begin to describe the satisfaction that I feel from our endeavors and months of planning together. The time that was served in the trenches with both churches has forged a bond of friendship & kinship that will only help to transform our community. I am grateful for the leadership that is willing to be obedient to God's vision for His Church. The rewards have only begun to be realized, but this investment will have a return that we won't fully realize this side of eternity.


  1. Very, very cool! Instead of standing by the river of the world and yelling, "Hey, come in here!" (church) Northridge is getting in the river to help folks see there's a better place! Just like Jesus. Yeah God! Yeah Northridge!

  2. Looking forward to you & Deb being here and part of reaching Milledgeville!