Sunday, May 31, 2015

Warrior Mentality

We kicked off our 3rd annual "Man Month" with guest speaker David Rocker joining us once again. David is a passionate Christian man who inspires others through his preaching, but even more so through his lifestyle. We started a series entitled, "Warrior: Learning to Fight For What Matters" with his message from Joshua today. David shared many great things (the entire message can be found on our website); here are a few highlights from this morning.

  • You can't change your past: don't let it dictate your future. 
  • Don't give your past more authority than it deserves.
  • If you're going through something tough at least you're moving. Keep going and don't give up. 
  • We (men) are wired for boldness and aggression and need to use it in the right way for the Kingdom. 
  • What is God declaring to be yours? You won't get it unless you're willing to fight for it!
  • Sometimes it only takes a couple of men to stand for what is right and make a difference. 
  • Joshua was a general and a servant. He knew how to have authority and be under authority. 
  • To be an effective warrior we need to be secure in who we are. 
  • Warriors see the solution at the end not just the problem at the beginning. 
  • You are too close to your breakthrough to quit!
  • At some point the end will come. God has promised a due season.
  • How can we be successful if we don't study our playbook? Don't assume your talent will be enough to bring success. 
  • Stop talking about it and start being about it.

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