Monday, May 11, 2015

It's Her Birthday

Today is my wife's birthday and she loves to make a big deal about it. That statement probably sounds as if I resent her celebration, but I actually love how she gets excited about each year. It's not a matter of getting presents because we don't go overboard with those (not like I use to do anyway). For us each year represents another gift of life from God and another year to be together. I don't receive that gift without appreciating it deeply.

My wife is extremely intelligent, wonderfully creative, deeply passionate, and wildly imperfect. I love each of those qualities and the mix of them in her personality. She challenges my thinking, spurs me to greater things, and sacrifices daily for our family. She is the one that I am honored to spend my life with and I can't imagine it any other way.

I could write for pages (not that anyone but the two of us would want to read it) about her, but today I will simply share her blog and her gifted writing to complete the picture of who she is. Happy birthday, my love. You make us all better by simply being who you are.

Read Dana's blog here.

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