Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Getting Ready

When I started running in mid-January it was with the intention of running my first official 5K race in April. I knew I was training for that and had steps laid out along the way. When I finished the race I knew I wasn't going to stop running, but also wanted to have something else to train for. My wife & I decided to sign up for a much longer run in the fall and I will spend the next several months getting ready for it. Knowing what my objective is will help me shape my preparation to be as successful as possible.

I think it helps all of us to know what we are preparing for. We may not have every specific detail of what our future looks like, but we can move forward with a general idea that helps shape us. I have a vision of where God is leading my family and that helps to focus my preparation in the the right areas. I still need to be flexible as that intended vision shifts time lines and details, but the overall concept helps to steer me in the right direction. It's easier to hit your target if you know what you're aiming at.

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