Friday, May 15, 2015

Regular Review

Goal setting isn't always easy. We first have to recognize our need to grow and then figure out the steps to make it happen. I like the idea of setting goals because it helps me see the potential for what I could become. I enjoy the challenge of growth and even the work it takes to reach that point. Even then, it's merely a great idea until we put it in writing and routinely measure our progress.

I've discovered that I have greater success when I frequently revisit my goals. While it doesn't necessarily have to be a daily review, it is important to meditate regularly on those aspirations. I may not see the level of progress I hoped for, but it helps to remind me of what is important and how I should be striving to push forward. This can be as simple as keeping a handwritten journal or (my favorite) using an app for review like Evernote

If we aren't consistently reviewing the course we desire to travel, we will end up stalling out in our journey and falling short of who we hope to be.

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