Monday, May 25, 2015

In Memory

I am proud of my many relatives that served faithfully in our armed forces and I am grateful they all returned home safely from their tours of duty. Not all families are as fortunate however and will forever be marked by the ultimate sacrifice of their loved ones. I cannot fully express my gratitude nor can I completely comprehend the depth of their sorrow. The freedoms I live in each day are a result of these faithful men and women and their willingness to battle to the death for their country. May we choose to live in a way that honors them and the freedoms they fought so valiantly to protect. Today is a day to set aside differing agendas, oppositional political views, and controversial statements. It is a day to rest in the comforts we have and to express our loyal gratitude to the families left behind. As painful as this day may be for some, I want to say thank you on behalf of my family for your willingness to give your life for all of us.

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