Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Thinking

The most dangerous weapon in the world isn't a gun or some other explosive device, but our minds. All unrest and inequality starts here and then flows out into our attitudes, speech, and actions. When the thoughts our mind generates are positive, we have tremendous power to change things for good. We have the fuel to correct wrongs, care deeply for others, and start movements that change our society. When those thoughts are negative, we perpetuate stereotypes, inflict grievous harm, and diminish anyone who might be different from us.  

If we want to see things change for the better, we need to transform our way of thinking. This will revolutionize our society and bring new hope. Is it possible on our own? A true new beginning in thought is best found through Christ. It is a process that He must fuel combined with our faithful pursuit of Him. This is the hope we have for transformation that is authentic and lasting.

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