Thursday, May 28, 2015

Our Voice

We all have something to say. I don't mean we all have a list of rants that need to be aired, although we might feel that is true too. Instead I believe there is something of deep importance and value our lives have been preparing us to share. We are each uniquely positioned to have an impact and to speak out of the overflow of our experiences and gifts. Before we speak, however, we need to ask a few questions:

  • Are we humble enough to add our voice to those around us without diminishing their importance?
  • When do we choose to speak? Is is when the circumstances are right or simply when we feel we need to be heard above others?
  • How do we say it? What tone and attitude do we use when we share it?
  • Are we speaking for the benefit of others or for self-validation? 

It's not enough to recognize that we need to speak, but that we learn to do so at the right time for the greatest possible benefit. Our individual stories have power and value. Don't neglect to share your own, but add to the grand tale that is being written through each of us.

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