Sunday, January 18, 2015

Not What You See

I believe most of us are guilty of making assumptions about other people without considering their full story. We only see their reaction to circumstances or the exterior shell they have constructed while missing the life events that have led to this point. The truth is we don't know the weight they carry nor do we have a clear understanding of the source of their burdens. From a distance we can't know how people are compensating for their wounds as they limp emotionally through life, avoiding anything that might trigger previous pain. Without taking time to investigate, we can dismiss people too quickly as we only see the after effects of life without bothering to see the cause.

We must condition ourselves to avoid rashly judging people based only on what we see. I know I am more than I appear to be and I need to extend that same courtesy to others. If we would share the compassionate understanding we all hope to receive we would discover we much more in common than we might think. At the very least, we would gain genuine compassion for our fellow travelers on life's journey.

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