Monday, January 12, 2015

Ready to Climb

My wife and I climbed Camelback Mountain today. It was 1.2 miles of intense climbing including maneuvering over difficult rocks, traversing steep rail assisted slopes, and dodging other climbers. It was physically tiring, but completely worth the view at the top.

My wife and I actually attempted to climb this mountain several years ago and were unsuccessful. On that day we ended up quitting before we got very far as we didn't have what it took to make it any further. We were unprepared in our equipment choices, poorly conditioned, and unclear about the demands of what we were attempting. Since that time I have had this climb written down as a bucket list item. We approached our ambition very differently this time and worked to correct the deficiencies we had on our first attempt.

Even when we have great goals there are a lot of other factors that help us be successful. We've got to make sure we are selecting the right time to pursue our goal and that we are prepared for the hard work it will take to make it a reality. Even if success takes longer than we hoped it will be that much more satisfying when we finally see the top.

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