Friday, January 16, 2015

Like What You Do

I've had several different jobs in my lifetime. I've worked in landscaping, maintenance, catering, fast food, telemarketing, restaurant management, sports medicine, teaching, and now ministry. I appreciate (especially in retrospect) all the various experiences and can see how they taught me necessary lessons. I don't believe that my job history is more detailed or special than anyone else's list. What matters for each of us is that we find some enjoyment in what we do.

I don't think every day on the job is supposed to be a celebration filled with cake, balloons, and a pinata, although that wouldn't be totally awful either. I do believe we are supposed to seek contentment and enjoyment in what we do. If we are unable to discover consistent joy, we need to either adjust our attitude or pursue a new avenue. Passionate engagement in our calling makes a difference in the results of our work and our personal sense of satisfaction.

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