Monday, January 26, 2015

Common Ground(s)

It's fairly obvious to anyone that knows me that I enjoy a good cup of coffee. Hopefully they realize this from the coffee pot and grinder in my office and not from coffee breath (I use mints for that.) I find something soothing in a good cup of java and enjoy a couple of cups each morning and often in the afternoon as well. I find that it helps to put people at ease and creates an easy opportunity to talk.

I don't aim to overvalue what can happen when people are sharing this delightful hot beverage. I do know it tends to put people at ease while providing a social encounter without great pressure. We are able to sit together over this brewed nectar and have a respectful, give-and-take conversation. I don't believe it's magical (maybe a little), but it brings us together on common ground around something we can agree on. That's the first step in sharing honestly with each other and working out the other issues we might share. I've seen it work too many times to discount it.

Perhaps we should start more potentially divisive dialogues over coffee.

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