Friday, August 29, 2014

Self Check-Up

Be the change you want to see.

This is usually used when we talk about making an impact in the world by identifying an issue and then being part of the solution. I think it also applies to us on a personal level. Instead of complaining about other people and how we don't like the way they are acting, perhaps we should take a closer look at ourselves to see what needs to be changed first. I've discovered that the very qualities we find most annoying in other people are usually a reflection of an issue that we struggle with ourselves. If we spent more time working on shaping our own character we would find that other people are not the true source of our discomfort.


  1. Very well said. Very true. Thank you.
    m. Klaus

    1. This thought hits close to home with me too. I've had to do some serious evaluation of my thoughts and the reason behind them to understand them better.