Monday, August 4, 2014

Make It Better

I think that people have always complained about things and I have certainly contributed to the stream of grievances. It might seem like the level of ranting has increased, but I really believe it's a reflection of the increased exposure we have to each other's opinions. The truth is that there has always been circumstances that are less than satisfactory and have caused unrest. Instead of adding to the criticism however, imagine what would happen if we resolved to do something about it.

If we are uncomfortable with the emotional health of our family, the state of our community, the lack of positive role models, divisive attitudes in churches, and other unhealthy practices, why don't we do something about it? If we are unwilling to make an effort to create positive change then we are forfeiting the right for our opinion to be considered valid. Criticism that is not accompanied by compassionate action simply adds to the noise of a divisive community.

It's acceptable to see something that isn't right and to say something about it, but let's make sure we're ready to do what's necessary to improve it.

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