Saturday, August 23, 2014

All For One All the Time

It's admirable how people rise up to help others in times of need. We rally around disasters and tragedies and come together by setting aside personal issues and agendas. Prejudicial lines are erased as we share resources and energy while working for a common goal of restoration. Far too often however, that unity quickly dissipates once the immediate emergency is over and we retreat back to our personal zones of isolated safety. I believe that the emotional investment was real, but the cause that we rallied around was short lived so we move on.

Are we going to be unified only around circumstances or around a vision? An expressed vision for unity moves beyond a present situation and helps us align ourselves consistently. It doesn't negate the togetherness in times of need, but will heighten it as a reflection of our continual synergy.

Unity focused on a vision will endure when our current situation will change in a day or two.

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