Friday, August 1, 2014

Avoid the Negative

I wrote yesterday about a quote by Kevin G. Harney ("Small shifts in our thinking can redefine the way the way we live.") and how that can be a step of positive growth. After I finished writing, I realized how that can also negatively impact us if our thoughts shift in a darker direction. 

If we allow our thinking to start down a negative pathway it will create a harmful change in our self-perception, invent a rift between people close to us, and limit our ability to grow. This is a potential hazard for all of us and we have to develop the awareness to keep us from this slippery slope of destructive meditation. Over time (and through experience) we learn to set up mental alarms that awaken us to the negative drift. We can also humble ourselves enough to give key people the freedom to speak into our lives to help redirect. Developing these protective measures will ensure that our shifts in thinking are more positively influenced instead of the alternative. 

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